working on the mix!


we just started working on the mix of our latest recording sessions at gyuto monastery/ last year in october we spent a week in gyuto and recorded new music with the monks, recording took place in the monastery templeā€¦. sounds are deep! dre is again chief sound engineer, can't wait to share these amazing vibes !!!

stay tuned, hopefully the cd will come out in october

tonight @ bravo, brussels 'songbook of changes'


documentary project 'kailash'


as explained previously we will be recording our next CD at the very Gyuto Monastery in India end of october with the tibetan monks. 
if you are curious about this unique project you could consider co-producing a documentary that will relate the whole creation process at Gyuto!!! we created a page on the kisskissbankbank crowdfunding site to help us financing the shooting of this documentary. Inscription on the site takes about 3 minutes, and for each donation you'll get a 'reward'!
all infos here:

for the english version : click on the language menu top right of the page

thanks to everybody who will support this project by their contribution!!!